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  The Foundation to Reinvention:
Re Invention of Self:

THE SUBJECT OF REINVENTION is very dear to my heart.
At each stage of reinvention, I sat down with a blank sheet and planned about my next step or next career.
Then I went out and read books and articles, interviewed people and asked questions, explored the business industry as much as I could, and plunged in.
Quoted from Brian Tracy.
Do this for yourself.
What does it mean to BREAK FREE for you? For me, I was looking to be able to Do what I want, When I wanted, with Whom I wanted for as Long as I wanted. I desired a lifestyle that allows for time and money freedom.
I wanted to feel powerful and alive.
I planned a 3/4-hour workday: a 3/4 day working week and earn 3/4 k per week.
This information has the power to allow you to "BREAK FREE".
Whilst there is so much information out there, there is extraordinarily little transformation. Leadership Development and Coaching will allow for transformation.
Our Courses and Programs:

There is more information behind each image.

Finding your Ikigai.

Finding purpose in your life is a fundamental need. 

break free.PNG

Award winning information to recalibrate your ability to think from a new perspective.

break the shackles.PNG



This chart explains briefly all you need to KNOW.

Reach Organisation.

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The Journey of BECOMING. How to become the person you want to be.

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Break Free: Your Future self.
Experience the Science.

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Personal leadership: Is the self-confident ability to crystalise your thinking and establish the exact direction of your own life. 

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Information by itself is a beginning. Application of Knowledge is critical for success.

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 How to design the life you want.

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Financial Peace of Mind.
Download for free.
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Award winning transformation in Leadership. Interactive coaching "Empowered Living".

Beyond Free:



Let me demonstrate our coaching methodology.

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How they Work.

The information below is business focused.

In our Business Model we focus and train in this process.

S.A.M.S.A.T.M. plus V=F.F.

Story: we examine the narrative of your Story: develop an Action plan: teach you how to manage your Mindset: Self Image and System: Audience Selection: Trust Building and Marketing = Income.

    s             A             M  

Your Story:

The ability to share concepts and information so that your narrative is about your future self.

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Action Plan:

Without actions, nothing will happen. Visit the marketing concept.

Screenshot 2021-10-24 134534.jpg
You are where you are due to your past decisions and actions.
Screenshot 2021-10-14 160835.png
 S.           A.            T.            M.
Examine all aspects of self. 

Who is your ideal client.
Why they will believe in you and your product.
The essential ingredient.

Money Process.

Without reward there is no desire to Act. 

Screenshot 2021-10-24 134805.jpg
How the Success Process Works:
The steps on this Journey to creating a fulltime income with part-time hrs.
where are you.PNG
Step 1:
Where are you now:
Look at the pain points in your Life.
Screenshot 2021-12-03 121722.jpg
Step 2:
Taking 100% Responsibility:
(responsibility as to how you reacted to circumstances that happened.
Screenshot 2021-10-20 152049.jpg
Step 3:
Design your End Game. 
What is the result you desire.
Step 4:
The need to be visible.
Audience must see you and your offer.
Screenshot 2021-10-24 134805.jpg
Step 5:
The Business model.
How you grow a business that has leverage:

Am I your WHO?

If you are the proactive person who has a desire to be a 10k per month income earner, with part-time hours, AND willing to learn our process, Our Business with Bruce offer may be your next best step. 

The pack is designed to provide an understanding of the concepts of success.

Mindset: Marketing: and Business Model.

This is our 6:2:12 program which is designed to create six clients within 12 weeks.

Let's Connect.

The information is only a part of the answer. Action is required.   

Information allows you to evaluate whether you think this can be of value to you.


A word that gets thrown around like confetti in conferences is “motivation,” yet still, when I ask my audiences to share with me what the word means, all I see in response are blank faces.

Put simply, understanding this word would mean that you could probably get just about anybody to do just about anything.

The word motivation derives from two very common words forced together. The first part of the word, the “motiv-” part, is derived from the Latin word “motivus,” the modern-day translation of which is “motive.”

Another word for motive is “reason.” The “-ation” part of the word derives from “action,” and if somebody is going to take action, they are going to do something or move.

This means that a very simple definition of motivation is “a reason to move” or “a reason to do.”

Now ask yourself this: would it be fair to say that if the reason were big enough, you could get just about anybody to do just about anything?

If you want people to do things that typically they do not want to do, first you need to find an honest reason that is big enough.

Understanding what reasons are big enough means you have to understand how people are motivated.

People are motivated by one of two things: either avoiding a loss or acquiring a potential gain.

They either want to go toward the light, the good thing that they are looking for, or they want to get away from the thing that could potentially hurt them.

The real world tells us that people will work far harder to avoid a potential loss than they will to achieve a potential gain.

Don't be the person who enjoys the misery of being as is, compared to the misery of uncertainty.

Possibility is at the end of uncertainty.

The 4 C's:

Commitment: Courage: Capability: Confidence:

That is the Journey.

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