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The information I provide is all from the perspective that you are interested in creating a full-time income and only working 10/15 hrs. per week.

This page is an overview of concepts and strategies that form the background to our business.

Behind each image is a summary. For details and more information is inside the members area. It's free to join.

Why a members Area?

It's for those who are serious and looking for their WHO. Who can assist me in a way forward?

There is nothing to buy.

That's why you'll always see us over-delivering by providing massive value in our training, using a step-by-step teaching method without anything left out.

The secret to my success (and to yours)?

Find a proven system, implement it to the very end while ignoring all distractions, reap the profits, then scale up.

Your success is closer than ever before.

To your success!

My Business overviews. This is a .K.I.S.S.F presentation. Keep it simple (not simpler,) and Keep it short and Feep it flexible.
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Why I believe everyone should have a side business or side gig.


Looking for a Business. The concepts of Coaching.
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Business with Bruce.

Our Business Opportunity:

How we leverage clients, product sales and grow a business.

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Your Business Launch and Fast track to Clients.

The very essence of creating a profitable business. This is focused on our Coaching Business, but the principles apply.


Who has helped me? 

As previously outlined I asked WHO and not HOW, and found others that I could ethically leverage their skills and knowledge for my benefit.

Being in business you learn the skills.

The areas of concern were answered in the technical side, but the most important skill is in the Mindset of us.

Who helped me? 

Let me gift you a FREE ACCESS a 4 part video training.


Bruce Ross

Mindset: Marketing and Business Coach.

Who can I help?

If you're not happy with your current and prospects of your "golden Years "then our business model could be for you.

We help, with the assistance of our partners, people to let their talents shine.

We examine your Story, articulate your Action plan,

train you in Mindset, examine your Self-image, how to present to the right Audience and teach our trust and marketing strategy.

When this system is installed then you can earn Dollars, with the right vehicle.

This is us



If the idea of you utilising your talents to help others appeals, and you would like to earn a fulltime income around the hours you have available, we will train you in the concepts of Alchemy Coaching, so that you will proceed down a proven path to success. 
Commitment: Courage: Capability: Confidence:  

If you ready to examine your story, have found your voice and want to inspire others, this vehicle is all about how you will succeed.

whats your story1.jpg

We all have a story. If you are ready to leave your story behind, to change the narrative of your past and willing to be curious, our business could be for you.

Start Where You Are: It doesn’t matter where you come from, where you think you are going, what job or career you have had or think you should have. You are not too late, and you’re not too early.

Design thinking can help you build your way forward from wherever you are, regardless of the life design problem you are facing. But before you can figure out which direction to head in, you need to know where you are and what design problems you are trying to solve.

As we’ve shown, designers love problems, and when you think like a designer, you approach problems with an entirely different mind-set.

Designers get excited by what they call wicked problems.

They’re called wicked not because they are evil or fundamentally bad, but because they are resistant to resolution.

Let’s face it, you’re not reading this information because you have all the answers, are in your dream job, and have a life imbued with more meaning and purpose than you can imagine.

Somewhere, in some area of your life, you are stuck.

You have a wicked problem. And that’s a wonderful and exciting place to start.


Problem Finding + Problem Solving = Well-Designed Life.

The Encore Career.
These folk have found their voice and are inspiring others.
Why not you?

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Are you open to see if this is possible for you?

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