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The Members Area.

To create and build a business that you will love and will give you a joyful and abundant life begins by acquiring the knowledge and the skills. The member's area is for you. Join now whilst its free. Time waits for no one.


What you will find inside the members area.

This is our university of knowledge.

Knowledge that we needed to learn and apply to our thinking process that allowed us to get through our limiting beliefs and other issues.

People write books to solve problems.

People buy books to solve problems.

We want to share this information.

This is just a sample of the quality of information within.

Reading books listening to podcasts, and You tube videos has provided us with a wealth of knowledge that we have found to be great foundational learning.

Thank you for being on this page. 

We want you to feel very comfortable to become a member. We are not here to sell you on our choices, but to provide a friendly and secure area to gather information. 

The purpose of the members area is to provide content.

The idea of having an email address is to allow correspondence between us. You will receive some regular updates from us plus any new ideas that may come our way. As proactive people, we don't make cold calls etc.

If you desire more information, it will be up to you to contact us.

Content is just information.

It's the ability to apply the information to your life so that it is of benefit to you.

Application of knowledge = Personal Power.

new information: new thoughts: new feelings: new behaviour: new actions: new results:

Hi, I am Bruce Ross and with my wife Dorothy, and just like so many others, we were looking forward to the next chapter in our lives.

We wanted a joyful and abundant life.

I was not ready to retire but wanted to re-fire.

I had no desire to “seen” as retired.

I am, from my perspective anyway, vibrantly alive and wanting more.

I have found most people are settling in certain areas of life.

They’ve stopped dreaming, stopped going for it, and settled into predictable patterns.

Well, that is not me.

I was looking for something that was not a job, but something that would allow me to feel powerful and alive.

To give me meaning and purpose.

I wanted my life to have meaning, I desired to leave a legacy for my children and grandkids.

I wanted to live as many lifetimes as possible in this one.

Having read the book...You're Not Broken by Cristopher Duncan I decided to embrace these four concepts to reorient myself:

They are:

I choose to live my true nature and purpose.

I choose to be the predominant creative force in my life.

I choose to live a life I love.

I choose to be healthy and vital.

I did not want a hobby; I desired more abundance in my life for sure.

Like many others the addition of an extra stream of income, whether it be large or small, is always welcome.

If part-time and flexible hours is of interest to you register with our work with a coach program.

Join the members area for access to lots of free training and information.

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