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encore entrepreneur working from his home office

Hi, I am Bruce Ross and just like so many others, I was looking forward to the next chapter in my life.

I was not ready to retire but wanted to re-fire.

I had no desire to “seen” as retired.

I am, from my perspective anyway, vibrantly alive and wanting more.

I have found most people are settling in certain areas of life.

They’ve stopped dreaming, stopped going for it, and settled into predictable patterns.

Well, that is not me.

I was looking for something that was not a job, but something that would allow me to feel powerful and alive.

To give me meaning and purpose.

I wanted my life to have meaning, I desired to leave a legacy for my children and grandkids.

I wanted to live as many lifetimes as possible in this one.

Having read the book...You're Not Broken by Cristopher Duncan I decided to embrace these four concepts to reorient myself:

They are:

I choose to live my true nature and purpose.

I choose to be the predominant creative force in my life.

I choose to live a life I love.

I choose to be healthy and vital.

I did not want a hobby; I desired more abundance in my life for sure.

People get confused when you talk about money.

It’s just the medium of exchange.

Money is used to have and enjoy things, certainly, but more importantly it is exchanged for experiences.

It can be exchanged for feelings.

The feelings you get when you can assist others.

When you can donate to your favourite research group. (brain cancer and mental health are my preferred donations).

If you desire to make a lot of money, you must create expansion in the world for others.

I wanted to share concepts that would influence firstly my family, but particularly people of my generation that many things are possible at this stage of life.

You can have everything you have always desired.

I assist you to build a rock-solid belief system in you.

I was looking for more and varied experiences in my life.

For many reasons the growth of entrepreneurs aged 50 or higher is rapidly rising according to the Office for National Statistics data in the UK.

This trend reflects the study by Hitachi Capital and the Centre for Economics and Business Research revealing that senior people expect, and desire, to work beyond the standard retirement age.

Well, when I was starting out, I had desire but not a lot of expertise.

I knew what I was looking for and what the end result had to be, but getting started was the challenge.

Now that education can be of benefit to you.

In the resource centre I have put a lot of learning that I went through, for you to consider.

Questions from my Marketing Coach.

Q: What is the objective in my marketing?

A: To make a connection with people via my resource centre. My philosophy is that for those investigating an idea to become encore entrepreneurs, the process should be about us making a connection, giving those people information to consider, so we can then have a conversation. I believe this is the best approach as we are thinking beings.

I want an email and first name. I have provided a lot of valuable resources that form the basis of what must be done.

I do not make cold calls so people who are interested must be proactive and schedule a conversation with me via my booking calendar.


Q: Who do you serve (who is my ideal customer)

A: As an encore entrepreneur, I prefer to work with this age group. My ideal customer has firstly a dissatisfaction with their current circumstances in life,

Secondly, have a willingness to understand that they have created this result by the way they think (thoughts held in the mind must take form), and how they responded to circumstances that may have been the initial cause.

But most importantly, they must be willing to see possibility and be coachable to create their future self.

The way forward is to understand that the personal development world thrives from the idea that you must fix yourself.

It keeps people in oscillating patterns. The truth is you can have everything you desire right now.

You do not need to fix yourself. Creating beautiful, amazing results in life has very little to do with you as a person.

Success is not personal.

The idea that it is personal is a big problem.

Success (however you define it) is available to anyone.

Learning the skills, acquiring the knowledge, and then applying the knowledge to change the context (their point of view) of how they see the world.

If they want more abundance in their lives, they must be coachable and investigate the world of possibility.


Q: What do you do?

A:  Who are you “BEING”? It is a better question.

It's an identity question. I have been many things.

You can be anyone.

My current identity is that of a person of influence, a change maker.

Influence can be defined as the ability to affect the character, development, or behavior of someone or something.

I assist people to take words from a page and create a new picture of who they think they are.

They create a new personal reality for themselves where the life they desire is now possible for them.

I assist people to have the concepts of all is good now, but the future will be different. We don’t need to be better.

I am just someone who has acquired the knowledge and learned to apply that knowledge so that my desired life is possible and real for me.

Others can choose to learn how to change.

So back to the question…

Firstly, I am an encore entrepreneur. This is who I am BEING.

I am a Performance coach and digital marketer. This is my DOING activity to support who I am being.


Q: What does that mean?

A: Coaching generally has two main areas of focus:

development and performance.

Being a Performance coach is a highly effective system for improving the performance of your business and yourself.

I use psychological tactics to help others overcome the obstacles that they are facing in fulfilling their maximum potential.

Quantum State Coaching is one of my core products.

The structure we work with is simple:

A current reality.

The desired reality.

An identity.

An action to take.

I help identify roadblocks that stop a person from achieving their full potential,

People learn how to set practical and achievable goals, develop new skills, and this will inspire and drive people to create the success they say they desire.

But first, let’s define success.

Success is the desired completion of a result you intended to create.

Digital Marketing is assisting small business owners to have a systematic marketing system using various social media platforms.

Marketing is at the core of any business success.

Our training and education have a large component dedicated to marketing.

It’s a two-fold result.

It allows for two streams of income that can be systemised. 

I also promote the “business system concept” for our marketing and coaching business models for those who desire to be more.


Q: What is the business system concept.

A: A Business system is basically the way a business works.

Simply put, you could have a “Lifestyle Business” in which you are generally the key person, or the biggest part of the business.

Sole traders would be the term most people easily understand.

E.g., lawnmowing franchise or contractor, coffee shop owner etc. In my training for example, you can BE a digital marketer as the sole operator working from home.

Most lifestyle single people business do not offer freedom of time.

The Business System formula is more about building an EMPIRE.

Think fast food franchises, real-estate brands, large, branded food retailers etc. (The McDonalds story is the most easily recognised

Empire Building business.)

They incorporate systems wish allows you to not be involved in the day to day running of the business.

Q: Why can you help?

A: The skillset that I have been acquiring for some years, along with the training I have purchased and learned to apply to my business gives me the opportunity to help people to make the invisible …. visible.

Teach them how their subconscious identity creates their life.

Everyone holds a picture of who they think they are... and this has been learnt. This is your subconscious identity, and you will learn how to rewrite this story you hold of yourself.

I teach people how to change the picture of who you think you are.

You can become whoever you decide you want to be.

There is work and skills to be acquired, but if you are willing to do the work you can live a powerful and fulfilling life.

Q: What can you help people with.

A: I work on exploring their belief systems and exploring how and why that belief system exists, and does it help or hinder them.

There are six sabotaging beliefs that cause huge problems for people who want to create a life they love.

I teach the process of how to examine old and new content and their contextual way of thinking so that new information can be looked at with a new contextual framework

I demonstrate how the mind and brain work separately but together (think of a mail exchange......mail comes from all over the place, but the mail exchange manages the process of sorting. Other bodies do the delivery.)

Thoughts come from seemingly anywhere and get sorted by the BRAIN…. some are left to flow; some are held in the mind, so the brain creates them into habits.

Habits become ways of being.

Ways of being determine your actions.

Your actions are reflected in the life you have.

Q: What is your vision for your client.

A: Firstly, somebody must have a vision of what they want.

This desire is to be in a circumstance better or different to what they currently have.

Initially we have a deep dive conversation about what I call the “must haves”, for their designed future.

Our client Journey is then designed to be the road map for them to follow to achieve the result they say they want.

We give people a new “operating manual”, a new way of being, so that the DOING is congruent with the BEING.

After working with myself or my team creating the mindset, skillset and clarifying the way forward, we examine the options that are available to make those dreams a reality.

For some, it's an encore career, but for many others, the way forward is to become an encore entrepreneur.

At the end of the day, I desire that people know that they are bigger than their circumstances.

I desire that we live our life to the max.

Q: What ways do you assist those people.

A: This is where we examine business and see if it can provide the result they have outlined in their vision of their future self.

Most people go into a business’s that really is a form of self-employment.

We teach how to examine the business model, to see if it has these three things:

Can it be expanded,

Can be systemized and duplicated or are the only reason the business exists

And does it allow you to have an exit strategy that allows for income without day-to-day involvement.

Just about everyone on the planet will feel lost and directionless at some point in their lives.

Nearly all of them desire to create more success in their life, but for some reason, they have not. After all this time, I have found three big problems that nearly

everyone struggles with:

1: They are in a problem/powerless structure with what they desire.

2: They don’t actually want what they think they want.

3: They have forgotten who and what they really are—a pure creative energy that has already decided and created everything.

Many mature people are looking for ways to either supplement their income or actually replace their income, but do not want a job. They desire to work from home in this stage of life.

Others are fully aware that they need/want to do something different, but they don’t know what.

There are so many options out there, so many paths to take, that they end up feeling overwhelmed and directionless.

To sum up, many of these questions are answered in the resource centre, so I would urge anyone interested in creating a different outcome for themselves to start there.

I am here to tell people that there are solutions. You first must be willing to consider alternatives.

I believe that as mature age people, we have so much more we can be. The Resource is for those who want to feel powerful and alive, to live with a purpose.

Yes, you can learn how to make money as well.

The most common age for a small business owner is now 50 years old, the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman says. The report expected to highlight the need for economic dynamism and fresh entrepreneurial energy.

Fear: The basic challenge for all of us.

The Fear of change is a common human emotion. According to an article on Psychology Today, we fear change because we can’t anticipate the outcome. 

We prefer certainty over uncertainty, and the unknown generates a strong alert response in our limbic system.

However, staying put can be riskier than changing. 

Whether it’s in your career or a relationship, you risk being left behind if you don’t continue to grow.

The Resource Centre is designed to give you tools tips and education o allow you to make informed decisions.

I hope the “lessons learned” and shortcuts outlined in the Resource Centre will help you launch a successful business generating quick, sustainable wealth for you and your family.

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Whatever the Stage of Your Business Startup,
You've Come to the Right Place.


Maybe you've already started your encore business. Or you're about to start one.

Or perhaps you're still in the "thinking" stage. You're drawn to the idea of owning a business. But you're unsure about the steps to take.

Or you may know how to start a business, but you're looking for the courage to do it.

Whatever the case, the resource centre is for you.

We want to be your advocate, your encourager, and your guide.

As an Encore Entrepreneur You Have Distinct Advantages


Your chief advantage is the experience and self-knowledge that you've acquired through your early adult years.

You have a better sense of your capabilities, your strengths and limitations, and your passion.

These can all serve you well and make for more informed business decisions.

Encore Entrepreneurs Also Face Unique Challenges

Startups later in life can bring fears and anxieties that younger entrepreneurs are less likely to confront. For those of us who are looking at 50 in the rear-view mirror, the calendar is working against us.

  • If we fail, we have only a few years to recover financially before retirement.

  • We are tempted, therefore, to be cautious rather than venturesome.


On the other hand, these same calendar-driven realities create urgency. We can't wait decades for our business to mature. We need to ramp it up quickly.

In addition, encore entrepreneurs are often juggling the startup of a business and care for aging parents. This creates a further demand on their time that most younger entrepreneurs don't face.

Here You'll Find The Answers You Need.

You will also find the opportunity to be coached through the failure zone.

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Screenshot 2023-07-10 110819.jpg

Hi I'm Bruce Ross and I started an online business because I wanted more feel powerful and alive. This Journey has taught me much. I desire that you find some answers to what you are looking for.

You must first BE before you can DO, and you must DO before you can HAVE. You can only DO to the level that your subconscious Identity thinks YOU ARE.

We make the invisible....visible.

 Looking for the next stage of life? Theencoreentrepreneurs .com is designed to assist people in, or wanting to research what is possible as an encore business owner. As an encore entrepreneur there were things I had to relearn and be open to possibility. 

The most important decesions to consider are Right Vehicle, Right products and Right You.

The resource centre is primarily focused on assisting you to become the Right You. 

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? At, you can access all the information and training you need for success. Get ready to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

Plus, you can access our very affordable training and book library.

Access the Resource Centre.
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You can grab this book as a thank you for just being here.

I DON’T BELIEVE IN “GET RICH QUICK,” BUT I DO BELIEVE IT’S ENTIRELY possible to “get rich” if you work hard, provide a lot of value to your customers, and are not afraid to ask for money in return for the value you provide. The important information and resources in this book will help you create a business that generates a healthy income for you.

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