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Two great books you can download and keep.

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Be...... So that you are.

To borrow a phrase from AARP’s Purpose Prize, “Making a difference is

ageless.” Who is an “ageless entrepreneur”? Ageless entrepreneurs fix

problems. They are people in the second half of life who use their

experience, wisdom, and networks to work from a core purpose, build

solutions, and create organizations that help people, enhance their

communities, and strengthen themselves.

Ageless entrepreneurs make life better.

Being an ageless entrepreneur is a way of life.

                      Entrepreneurs over the age of 55 are creating more new

businesses than their younger counterparts in the under-35 age group. And

it’s no surprise why the Boomer generation has a collective wealth of

experience, stable retirement income, and transferrable skillsets that make

them perfect candidates for the entrepreneurial journey.

Schramm also reports that the rate of success for businesses increases with their founders’


Boomer’s businesses have up to five times the success rate of

businesses started by Millennials or Gen Zers.

Clearly, this cohort of

ageless entrepreneurs are busy building startups that stand the test of time—

ageless startups.

Research backs the idea that there has never been a better time for

ageless entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. In fact, older

entrepreneurs are the fastest growing segment of the startup world.

You can join this revolution. This is the renaissance age of

entrepreneurship, and it’s just beginning. The world needs you.

Your community needs you.

It’s time for you to contribute.

There has never been a better time to launch your own small venture.

You can pursue your own

goals and grow your income while changing your community and possibly

the world.

The time to share your skills and begin building the income you

need is here.

Start small.

Start smart.

Start. Right. Now.

That’s what I hope you do after you read the book. 

You and I both have knowledge,

experience, and networks lacking in younger entrepreneurs.

We can use what we’ve learned over a lifetime to start valuable new enterprises of our


There are plenty of problems to fix.

If you can’t find one, you’re not looking hard enough.

The majority of people over 50 do not live a joyful and abundant life.

Many need our help to bridge the knowledge gaps and human capital challenges of a

changing business landscape that is increasingly dominated by a gig

economy mindset.

And to do that, you need to know how to maximize the skillset you

bring to the table as a veteran of the workforce.

 Your knowledge and networks are your intellectual property, your

greatest strength.

Remember the saying: “networking is one letter away

from ‘not working.’”

This book will help you build smart networks to help

take your ageless startup to the next level.

You don’t need profound insight to start. You don’t need to change the

world (though you well may).

You need to act. You are the driver of what comes next.

Which path will you take?

But if you’re brave enough to consider taking actionable steps that can

bring you more independence, increased income, and a chance to help

people, then go ahead and give yourself permission to put your ideas into


If you accept the premise of this book—that you should launch your

own small enterprise—welcome to your life’s next chapter as an ageless


Many ageless entrepreneurs are following long-suppressed passions

they have nurtured for years.

For us, this was the best option. 

The most important consideration for us was time and money freedom. This is not about how much money etc, its about what allows you to live a joyful and abundant life, doing and living where you choose to be.

Go slow, plan carefully, and launch

with the attitude of the professional you are.

The two books above are here for you. This is where you start.

But my desire and is to get you started on the road.

Once you are on the right track, you will go on the journey as far as you desire to.

Making the decision is the hard part. 

Even harder is to be getting launched.

Not for all, but for many overcoming the subconscious mind and the self-imposed limitations can be difficult. 

I share my learning to assist you. This business has everything I required.

No physical product.

Full time income with part time flexible hours.

A business system.

Welcome.                                   The Money Story.
                           This can be your story.

I want to say that your presence here is a great indication of your interest. I would love to assist you in the foundational stages of creating the life you desire. Visit the jump start page to see ways I can assist you in the early stages. The wheel does not need to be re- invented. The pathway has been illuminated.

The challenges facing the encore entrepreneur.

You may be reading this because you are experiencing problems running your SME.

Like many others, you have probably tried lots of different strategies to turn your business around but end up just tinkering around the edges and not effecting any real change.

The great news is that you can break through the entrepreneurial ceiling to a business that provides freedom, satisfaction and even joy.

A business that provides a great lifestyle for you and your family.

A business that is scalable and rewarding.

Millions of businesses have trod this path before you.

But while this journey is simple, it is not easy.

It will require you to let go and face your fears.

It is these fears that have you photocopying the same day repeatedly and keeping you and your business stuck.

You must let go of the fear of the unknown and embrace uncertainty.

Commit to being different, to doing things differently, and to operating in a way that will feel unfamiliar to you.

You will learn how to remove yourself as the bottleneck – the single point of failure – and leverage your knowledge into business systems that will enable others to do what you once did.

Welcome to the concept of difference.

We live our life by expectation.

This is why change is difficult.

Different business Design.

Yes, you will be different.

I will show you how you can create an aspirational path so compelling that it will sustain the journey, provide a new perspective when things are tough and inspire others to follow.

I have great empathy and admiration for you, the brave souls who have backed yourselves and ventured out to forge your own path.

This book is the culmination of the journeys of many others – journeys I have had a ringside seat to.

The journeys of business owners just like you, who have gone from chaos and overwhelm to freedom and reward.

Owners who have put in place the building blocks that have ultimately led to their business by design.

The book by Chris Green the Business by Design is a foundational reading to be able to apply these concepts to any business.

Creating a business by design is not for the faint hearted. But those who have achieved breakthrough, and there are plenty, will tell you they would not swap their journey for the world. They have created a wonderful business that serves them, their families and their people.

Who you work with is important.

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The best place to begin is with the foundational training. You cannot build anything without a strong foundation. 

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