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Preview of whats available in the Training.

encore enterepreneurs learning the skill of marketing
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This is not my course. I purchased it from The Digital Marketing School. I am not associated with them except for doing the training.

What you get for $29.00. is amazing.

There are 2 parts to a business... ● A high desire product or service. + ● A Marketing Machine. 

After doing this course, you will own the rights to our marketing systems, which I am happy to share with people who are genuinely wanting to change their circumstances.

I know from personal experience that the world has been conditioning us to believe you are not where we need to be, and there is something you must fix to get there. We are fed everything you must be—sexy, or cool, or smart—by advertising and mass media projects.

Your teachers said you must be great at everything (which is impossible), or else a lifetime of failure would be the result.

This identity has become you. You have become powerless. You gave your power away as a child and decided outside influencers were needed to give you what you really desire. You needed to have a family to feel love, a relationship to feel good enough, money to feel you are safe, and/or a degree to feel you are competent. This identity seeks to find everything it desires outside of itself.

Our training of BE DO HAVE is about identity. There is no value in learning to be a successful marketer if your subconscious identity is different.

Should you desire to do this program with me, for only $29.00, you must have done the training.


As this is my private course that I paid for I am only making it available to those who have or are willing to purchase my training. 

This is for those who are serious about creating a future self that understands the concept of BEING.

Who you are being is what determines your actions.

The free stuff is in the resource centre. The value of this training is priceless to the person who wants to move forward.

You will also be given access to the Private Facebook page of this company, and their replays of other information.

You can purchase the training here.


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