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Would you like to work with me or a member of our team?

The "Partner with a Coach" is my start now offer.

The Encore Entrepreneurs is a platform offering valuable resources, information, and a supportive community for those who want to start their own business or take their existing one to the next level.

The "Partner with a Coach" offer is for those desiring to start now.

With a very little upfront investment and a marketing budget of $10.00 per day, you can start building your business and growing your brand today.

This is a brief outline of how that would work.

Firstly, the upfront cost is $997.00 usd. Yes, we even have a payment plan available. This will give you access to all of our trainings. The training portal, The Pathway Training, the digital marketing training and more importantly our New Personal Reality Coaching package.

Secondly there will be three quick coaching calls per week. Each call relates to where you are in the trainings. There is homework to be completed. It's the application of knowledge that will give you your personal power.

Thirdly, the marketing program. This is where our foundation document is filled in by you. It's designed to identify who what and how.

Marketing is paid for monthly in advance.

This process will take the stress out of launching your business with us.

Done-For-You system.

Our one-stop solution includes a customizable landing page, email follow-up, and access to our full suite of training resources.

And with our profit-sharing model, we are invested in seeing your business thrive.

Let us help you reach your business goals today.

There is a journey we will take together.

From where you are today, both financially and with your thinking process.

Your best thinking has got you this far will not take you to where you desire to be.

This offer is designed to drop you into action from day One.

A coach will be holding your hand for every step.

Yes, there will be challenges, but you are not going forward with a blindfold. 

One of my favourite books is a book called Your life as a Strategy Circle by an extraordinary coach.

I am making this available to read when you register.

The V.O.T.A system will be the way forward.

(Vision: Obstacle: Transform: Action).

Register on the page and we will have a conversation.

Please ensure you have visited the business page and can have a budget of $10.00 per day for your advertising.

I don't make cold calls.

You can put your phone number non the registration page which is my invitation to call you, or you can call me via WHATSAPP or book a call on my calendar.

This is a decision you must make.

Remember behaviour before reward.

I offer you a free stage one process that we do in our Pathway thinking course.

Its accessible here.

Do the exercises. It will give you clarity.

I am just like, but probably older. I chose to learn new skills and new ways of being. There is only two guarantees in life:

You will die.

You must live until you die.

If you desire your "living" to be different you are the person who must make some changes to your ways of being. Your actions and your behaviour.

I can help you with that.

The Business will reward you.

If you are worried, like most people, that you will never achieve the result you are after I invite you to partner with myself or a team member and find your way forward.

There is no huge investment to make, nothing to buy. You will participate in my process.

You will be given access to our training and knowledge.

Believe it or not, but so many people are just looking for a pathway forward.

To have their hands held in the beginning.

Everyone wants to know one thing.

How to get started on the right road.

You may be thinking...that's all right for others but somehow, it's not me.

If you are willing to do the learning, willing to be open to possibility, and willing to do the work, to apply knowledge to change outcomes, this business will work for anyone. It does require you to be consistent and do the relevant activity.

I only make this offer available to three people at a time. 

The advertising budget is $10.00 per day.

It will take some time.

It does not happen overnight, but it does happen.

 If you provide your phone number, I will attempt to contact you within 48 hours.

The best way is to register via my booking calendar.

Time not suitable?

Send me an email and we will sort a time suitable to both.


Yes please. I'm In.

You are ready to create your own coaching and training business.

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