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So let me list out the investment and the order of business.

The Investment?              $997.00 u .s.d.

The Guarantee: Our Alchemy product comes with a company guarantee. If at the end of our training you don't believe this will enable you to take a step forward, I will refund your money.

You must do the homework and attend the coaching sessions (unlimited number of 15 min sessions are available to you.)

Alchemy is the basic start point for becoming an outstanding coach. A coach who knows how to get results for others. This normal wholesale price is $1497.00 plus coaching time, but for this offer its only $997.00 including my coaching time and the bonus's.

Once you own this product you can resell it.

Other basic products that once you own you can sell for $1497.00. These cost $497.00 

Branding: Seven Steps to 7 Figures: Praxis: Quantum State Coaching.

You have access to out training Portal. This has quite a range of concise information that will assist you in overcoming your beliefs so that you can become.

This will also give you access to our members area, which has a wealth of arching information to support the learning Journey.

Social media marketing has become an essential channel for businesses, and understanding its nuances is crucial. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, this training will give you so much confidence because you will have the skills and knowledge. You will learn from an 8 figure marketer.

We only really do things for either of these two core motives.

Good leaders ask good questions.

Question1:  What experiences do you want to have in your life?

Question 2: What makes you matter. To feel powerful and alive?

Are you ready to live a joyful and abundant life, a life with meaning and purpose?

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