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Encore entrepreneur working from home
encore entrepreneur working his business

Are you looking to create a better outcome for yourself?

If so, this is for you.

If your personal career/ small business career is not yet what you want it to be, it may be that no real clarity about what result you intend to produce is the biggest problem you have, and the first problem that needs to be solved.

You may know how.

But there must be a "WHY."

The “really really want to” is missing.

Your life/business requires a strong intention to succeed.

A person must have both the “how to” and the “want to” to succeed.

Both traits can be taught, and both can be learned.

The want to is often the most important component of your success,

especially if it’s missing!

To succeed at anything, you have to want it.

But most people overlook this simple fact.

And when they are confronted about the fact that their actions suggest that they don’t really want to succeed, they get very depressed.

They believe there is something wrong with them.

But there is nothing wrong with them.

We are all very capable!

All they need is for their level of desire

to get a tune-up.

Anyone can do it.

We keep proving that.

Desire and intention are living, growing, ever-changing energy sources inside you.

You can learn to continuously grow them to any degree you want.

You can learn to motivate yourself to whatever degree of energy and enthusiasm you choose.

Outside events have nothing to do with it.

Personal history has nothing to do with it.

It lives at the level of choice.

You have the power to choose it.

 Without the desire, no system—no matter how brilliant—can work.

Desire + No Resistance=Desired Result.

Sounds so simple but when I first heard that I was not a believer.

However, when I was struggling to live a joyful and abundant life, I knew I had to find the answer for us.

This statement is just so true.

No matter what your current circumstances are, you can move forward to live a joyful and abundant life.

It's a simple process to dissolve the resistance, but it does take being willing to accept that you are the creator of everything in your life. Yes, stuff happens, but we must take 100% responsibility for how we process and manage going forward.

It's simple but not necessarily easy.

The Journey of Becoming is about you learning to overcome.

Hi my is Bruce and

"we move people into action."

"to overcome to become."

from circumstances to creators.


To Become the Investor.

to go from working for money to have money working for you.

To have both time and money freedom for you and your legacy.

But let me very honest here...this journey is an "inside out process."

You must be "wanting" something more in your life.

To lead a life of fulfillment, to honour your dreams, connect with your personal "Hero's Journey."

Playing with your phone, binging on a steaming service during these productive years of your life will not help you build the kind of life that is unattainable to most.

The Client Journey from "where you are to where you want to be" requires effort.

 It's a Journey.

bruce and why age is your new freedom_ed

Why do I Coach?


People write books and courses to solve problems.

People buy books to solve problems.

Fact: Books and course sales are a multi-billion-dollar business.

Fact: very few of these buyers succeeded.

Most just cannot persuade the body to do what the mind is thinking.

Most people work from the outside in.

Most people work from their current circumstances.

Most people do not accept that they must BE before they can DO and can only HAVE as the end result of those actions.

But, and there is always a but, TRANSFORMATION is WORK.


Your WANT and your WHY must be strong enough to OVERCOME the resistance.

To avoid The Dreaded Drama triangle (the victim role) and learn to live in The Empowering Dynamic triangle (being a creator) requires support.


A Coach who understands this concept.

As Encore Entrepreneurs we had a lot to learn.

If you are a willing learner, we can help.

Our focus is on sharing concepts that are designed to shorten the runway to success.

When we made the decision that coaching others was our way forward, we then had to decide on what type of coaching business.

We are Lifestyle and Business coaches.

What does that mean? 

A professional Business Coach who creates and oversees strategies that help people achieve goals.

 We use psychological and behavioral insights to make recommendations for individuals striving to succeed in a certain area of life.

Do you want the tools and strategies to improve habits, enjoy better communication, enhance performance and achieve satisfaction in all areas of your life.

That is what appealed to us.

This is how we help other people put their knowledge and skills to be able to create a joyful and abundant life.

Vision: Mind Frame: Marketing: Systems:

Vision:  People desire not only a clear vision of their end goal but also a defined path to achieve it. This concept of clarity is central to creating meaningful change in one’s life. It underpins the teachings of great masters, principles of neuroscience, and tenets of behavioral psychology.

Mind Frame: Applying the BE DO HAVE concepts. Understanding the structures of your brain is how thoughts are processed. They become Habitual.

Marketing: Direct Response Marketing. Learning the science of why people respond to certain words and phrases.

Systems: How systems are critical for your benefit of owing a business. Understanding small startup, scale and exit strategies so that you can receive residual income from your business.

 Is this for you?

Over 50 and looking for a new challenge, looking to thrive and prosper, to feel powerful and alive? 


Hi, I’m Bruce – I found myself over 50 (actually nearer to 60) and wondering what next.


In the book, Something to Live For, a new conversation begins between its authors and the readers.

Something to Live For.

A Life with Purpose.

Your Mission in Life.

Finding Your Vocation.

It’s about finding and enjoying a new way in the second half of life.

I had left my full-time career but was not ready for retirement.

I don’t think I will ever be ready to "retire".

I still longed to be productive and add value, but on my terms.

I wanted time for me, to take long walks, to spend time with family and grandkids, and friends. 

To pursue my love of travel.

I live my life by a compass, not a clock.

Don’t Want to Retire?

Why You Should Start a Business in Your 60s

or at any age.

Entrepreneurs are stereotypically thought of as young, bold upstarts whose instincts and energy make up for their lack of life experience.

In reality, though, entrepreneurship is higher among older generation.

And for good reason:

We tend to have more work experience, industry knowledge, supportive networks, and access to startup funding.

Coming to a point in your career where you’re unsatisfied, burned out, and unsure what to do can be tough.

Retirement may not be the answer for you either – reaching a particular age doesn’t have to mean the end of your work life.

It can mean the beginning of your "DREAM LIFE."

Do you have a vision of your dream life?

Most people settle.

Self-employment can take many forms:

from opening your own new business or startup to taking on consulting, coaching, or freelancing work as a sole trader.

Growing numbers of older adults are choosing to start their own business at retirement age, finding a new direction and a refreshed passion for doing what they love.

What are the benefits of starting a business as a 60+ year-old?

Starting your own business means that you can focus on the projects you’re passionate about, the clients you hope to serve, and developing the skills that are most relevant and interesting to you.

Small business owners who follow their passions are more likely to get a sense of satisfaction and meaning from their careers.

You’re more enthusiastic and motivated about your work, and less likely to burn out from boredom, stress, or anxiety.

Getting a business off the ground is difficult at first and may require many hours of research, preparation, marketing, and tough work.

Its why we have put a wealth of information inside our members area.


In the long run though, being your own boss means that you ultimately can govern your own schedule.

You can have greater workplace flexibility, deciding when and where you work; you can also improve your work/life balance by setting up your own boundaries between work, family, leisure, and rest.


In these challenging times this has become even more important to me, and I am glad I came across this business a few years ago.


I had some idea as to what I was looking for, and I had a feeling that I would succeed in this business, because I loved personal development and supporting others. 

I love to teach.

Teaching others has been at the core of my values for as long as I can remember.

I have spent 20 years teaching people that your circumstances do not have to define your life.

So, I jumped in and did the work.

It has and continues to give me a lot more than I ever could have imagined.

I get to work a flexible schedule, surrounded by people who believe in personal growth, and I am financially rewarded for my efforts.

The online business world has changed the landscape for mature age people who desire:

To be creative,

To be involved,

To feel powerful and alive,

To be of service to others.

To Make a full-time income with part-time hours.


If you desire full-time income with part-time hours, this could be your solution also.

Basically, I feel like I am living a “retired” life, but still being productive.

The four core needs of place, people, work, and purpose are met.

Are you looking for the next best step to your future self? 


I encourage you to take the first step.

Visit the resource center for information that will assist you in deciding on your next best step. 

Knowledge by itself is the first step. 

It creates awareness.

Information is what opens the doorway to personal transformation and who you are "being" in life.

Learning how to apply the knowledge to create your desired future self will require you to be coachable.

Application of knowledge = personal power.

What has gotten you here won’t get you there.

Click the learn more button to access a range of free resources to assist you to make a decision.

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Meet Bruce.

 Coach: Trainer: Marketer.

Over three decades working across a diverse range of people, business models and training industries, I have become a very experienced and respected business consultant, coach and trainer.

A specialist in the “art of business”, I love to assist people who "have a dream".

To live a joyful and abundant life.

To have a fulltime income with part-time hours.

As a passionate coach and trainer, I go to the root causes of your resistance, the reasons you do not have it already, and work with you to implement necessary change quickly and efficiently.

I also nurture your self-confidence, leadership, and business skills to equip you personally to face business challenges and enable you to better balance your work and family time.

I can bring your entire team along with you, through training programs to optimise internal systems, foster leadership and enhance sales skills.

The result is business and personal success without sleepless nights and anxiety-filled hours away from your family.

Our team understands the significance of family in all businesses.

As a husband and father of three children, grandparent to five fabulous children, I appreciate that most people, business owners and executives are ultimately working to ensure their families are safe and thriving.

To live a joyful and abundant life.

Working with you to overcome challenges and realise personal abundance, he will never forget the need to balance business and coaching success with love of family.

Working with Bruce can feel tough at times.

I will challenge your long-held beliefs, provide feedback you’d rather not hear and hold you to account. 


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