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Thank you for your interest in. Your free download is at the bottom of the page and also a link to the business story. 

This moment in time could be the moment that changes everything for you. It's a time read with a special offer.

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The Pathway forward is based on these principles. Click the image. enjoying being in business
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Firstly, thank you for your interest in what we have to offer.

Two things:

I have products and services to sell, because I am in Business. This is not a hobby.

My desire is to assist those who desire more abundance in their lives.

There are many low-cost "business opportunities" available.

Still most online startups fail. You can verify that simply by the number of people selling "how to" books courses trainings etc.

So, in my mind we should give ourselves the best options going forward.

I am sure you have heard the saying that “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

Now, on the surface this doesn't seem fair until we understand that our consistent thoughts create our consistent results.

Those who are rich are constantly thinking about riches.

Those who experience poverty are constantly thinking about poverty, so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If we are not demonstrating wealth in our lives, it’s because we are using the Law of Attraction in reverse.

It has nothing to do with the economy, recession, inflation, interest rates, or employment.

It isn't that “Source” Energy is withholding.

Money flows to and through people so that they can fulfill a vision.

A vision that is growth orientated.

Its inherent in our DNA to desire more.

To Be more.

A vision needs to be clear.

A vision that contributes to the overall benefit of your world.

We fail because our attention is on what we don’t want, instead of what we do want.

Remember, we attract more of whatever we focus on.

Wherever the mind goes, the energy flows.

When our consciousness is filled with beliefs, assumptions, thoughts, ideas, concepts, and notions that directly encourage a belief in scarcity, lack, limitation or poverty, our life becomes a reflection of these thoughts.

Start by taking note of your daily thoughts.

When I was becoming a non-smoker, we had to itemize the reason we thought we needed a cigarette.

We could still have the smoke, but it focused our attention away from not thinking about the routine to paying attention.

We need to do that with your daily patterns of thinking.

I frequently share that one of the most effective ways to materialize the desires you have for your life is to first get clear on the things you no longer want to experience.

There is a success reason why we focus on


Design your life first, using what you don’t want to experience as the base.

Whilst the pathway to success is well lit, it is also paved with many who fail.

The difference between success and failure is held within you.

But I would like to talk about failure, and why it's part of the way forward.

You can read my thoughts on failure here.

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One Moment in time can change Everything.


Clarity v Vision.

What is meant by clarity.

Clarity might not initially strike you as an exciting topic, but reflecting upon my myriad coaching conversations, it’s evident how deeply people crave clarity.

They seek clarity about their life’s vision, purpose, desired relationships, and business aspirations.

And it’s not just about the what – what do I want to create – it’s also about the how – how do I get there. People desire not only a clear vision of their end goal but also a defined path to achieve it.

In the book Future Self, its highlighted that most people fail, not because of skills etc., It's because the pathway to the lesser goals has been well light, whereas the pathway to the higher goals is uncharted waters.

There is no clear path.

The concept of clarity is central to creating meaningful change in one’s life.

It underpins the teachings of great masters, principles of neuroscience, and tenets of behavioral psychology.

The Path to Obtaining Clarity.

Many times, when we feel trapped or stuck, the underlying cause is a lack of clarity.

If you’ve ever felt directionless regarding your ambitions, relationships, or business goals, it often boils down to not having a clear vision or plan.

 That’s precisely why clarity is so important – it’s the fuel for our creativity.

 It parallels the notion of having a clear vision and direction you want to go.

 Whether it’s about your personal life, relationships, or family dynamics, clarity defines your future aspirations.

 It’s foundational to creation and akin to imagination. When you possess clarity, you begin constructing neural networks in your brain, essentially crafting memories of a yet-to-happen future.

 This could also be called using your imagination.

 This clarity kickstarts the entire creative process, aligning us with the right thoughts and ideas.

However, the essence of achieving clarity isn’t about figuring things out.

 Instead, it’s about recognizing the barriers within us that impede the natural flow of clarity we inherently possess.

 True clarity comes from creating internal space, enabling us to fully grasp and understand our vision.

 Where to start?

 When you ask people what they want for themselves in the future, the most common answer is I don’t know.

 Well, that’s just a habitual statement.


It’s become so brain based it’s a part of how you think.


The moment I ask that question of you, most likely in your mind you responded with thoughts of what you don’t want.


The reality is, we always possess some semblance of an idea about the changes we wish for.


This initial spark of insight or desire is, in itself, an indicator of some level of clarity.


Recognizing and affirming this insight can pave the way to more profound understanding.


 The free download has some questions on it.

When you read the questions, usually for most of us what we don’t want more of is the first thought.

That’s the place to begin.

The first crucial step to harnessing clarity and eradicating barriers is to break free from the self-limiting belief of “I have no idea.

Because now you are aware of what you don’t want.

In the book The Path of Least Resistance, there is a creative concept that goes along the idea that says

Well, “make something up”.

Make up the opposite of what you don’t want.

It’s a starting point.


My wish is that this is a moment for you that allows you to not act as you expect, but to act as if.

Act as if you are willing to take the journey to your dream life.

The great irony in this world is that as much as we fear change, most of us want to create a change in our life.

Whilst we acknowledge change in the world is constant (nothing remains the same) we fail to acknowledge that change in ourselves is possible.

Even though we fear change, we believe that for something to make a lasting difference in our lives it must be something grand and obvious (we win the lottery).

The truth is that the most meaningful events that have shaped our lives have been, by far, the smallest and subtlest.

These usually have occurred before the age of seven or eight.

Money opportunities exist everywhere and many individuals who take

advantage of them make a great deal of money.

And yet, many more

individuals get involved in the same opportunities and never achieve

financial success.

Why is it so?

Our education, training, coaching and business systems are designed to allow you to answer this question.


Who do I have to BE to be able to DO what I have to do so that I can HAVE what I want.


For many people becoming an entrepreneur has been a lifelong aspiration.

For whatever reasons they felt they needed to put their entrepreneurial longings on the shelf in their earlier years of adulthood.

 Perhaps they wanted to develop expertise in a particular field before they went out on their own.

Perhaps they wanted the assurance of a steady paycheck while the children were still at home.

There are scores of reasons why some have waited until later in their career to build the business of their dreams.

The ranks of the encore entrepreneurs are growing steadily.

A variety of paths bring men and women to their decision to start a business at 50 years of age or older.

Limited Job Opportunities, inadequate retirement funds, boredom (quite common) a passion to serve, to want a more fulfilling life etc.

It does not matter the reason, but you most likely will face the same challenges and learning curve as anyone who becomes an encore entrepreneur.

However, as entrepreneurs they quickly discover how many things were done for them in the corporate world that they now must do for themselves.

That’s where we can assist.

The has much to offer.

From our free resource centre to our essential Mind Mirror education and training, access and training to our Digital Marketing Course, training on our Business System and opportunity.

There is so much confusion about success and the lack of it, and most people do not, or are unwilling to accept that the way forward is to start from within.

 Ancient wisdom, modern psychology, brain science all demonstrates the core principle of You must BE so that you can DO and then you will HAVE.

Our range of products and services include Mind Mirror (what/how you think inside you is reflected in your current reality)

These are:







(we do your marketing for you)


(full-time income/part time hours.)

theencoreentrepreneurs home business

Proof of concept is a marketing strategy we use when testing marketing ideas.

We usually allow $1000.00 to test a concept.

Everyone needs “proof of concept”.

when we talk about mindset.

Definition of mindset:

Mindset: is the utilised capacity to use your mind, to reorganise and rewire your brain’s learned structures and nervous system.

And the great thing about this concept is that it is just a skill, because skills can be learned.

It’s just learning to understand how structures are created and how to reconstruct the path of least resistance.

We do this with our MIND FRAMEWORK.



Who you are and who you think you are creates the blueprint for your whole life.

Now I know many people have read books, The Secret, Think and Grow Rich etc., done seminars etc. (I know that was me) but still not living the life you envisaged.

How do I know that?

Your life reflects your internal identity.

How many times have you asked yourself, why it's so hard to get ahead?

Why is it so hard to make ends meet?

Why you keep falling back into your old ruts and why you try to change and fail.

If you have asked yourself those questions, you're going to love this MINDFRAMEWORK, because it's going to answer every one of those questions for you.

And it's going to change the way that you think about you, and how you approach your life.

As a matter of fact, as you're reading this, it's going to become obvious to you as to why you've struggled for so many years, while others seem to have it all.

Let's get right to it: Plain and simple, the short answer is because you are where you are in life, for one reason, and one reason only - and that is your subconscious identity - who you are at a core subconscious level.

 Who you are, and who and how you see yourself subconsciously, is exactly the blueprint that you're creating for your external life.

Back in the 1880s, there was a writer, his name was James Allen, and he wrote a very small book called “As a Man Thinketh” and in that book, there is a passage and I want to share that passage with you, because it will quite literally tie up everything I want to share with you in our


James Allen said:

“Mind is the master power that molds and makes, man is mind and evermore he takes, he thinks in secret, and it comes to pass that his environment is just his looking glass.”

Your current circumstances (your career, your health, your relationships, your money situation) reveal your subconscious identity.

Everything, and I do mean everything in your life comes down to your subconscious identity.

What your body looks like, your health, your wellness, your relationships, your money, your jobs, your station in life, whatever it is, when I said the word everything,

I do mean everything is ruled by your subconscious identity.








To give you some quick examples: smokers smoke because that's how they identify.

Now me for example, I am a nonsmoker today. Therefore, I do not do the behavior of smoking. But I was once a smoker.

I identified as a smoker.

I attended a quit smoking program which was my first successful foray into understanding my subconscious identity.

I haven’t touched or even thought about having a cigarette for nearly 20years.

I identify as a non-smoker.

Now, the one thing that pretty much everyone wants is to have a full and enjoyable life. To live life to the fullest.

That's part of human nature.

So, wherever you are, you want more.

 You want better relationships, more money, better health, a better home, better circumstances, whatever.

But most people actually work backward.

I certainly did for many years.

 And you probably have as well, and as I'm explaining this to you, you may see yourself in this faulty strategy.

You are probably like a pendulum, swinging to and from when really, we need to be like a rocket.

Going towards a target.

theencoreentrepreneurs mind structure training
theencoreentrepreneur clear end in mind

When we try to change behaviour, we fail to understand or don’t know that behaviour is always driven by the subconscious identity.

We follow our path of least resistance.

What matters is what/who you think you are.

Who we are has been learned from an early age, and repeated.

And the reason why we don’t change

 is because we can never outperform our self-image and our unconscious identity.

Doing is only as effective as the identity of the identity doing the doing.


Have you ever asked yourself when it comes to ways of BE ing

What ways would I need to BE to create more wealth, to have more in life, to have an abundance in my life, what ways would I need to BE.


The way to create what you want in life is to first BE THAT at an unconscious level, because whatever you are at an unconscious level.

This requires structures to be remodeled.


You will not get in life what you WANT, you will get in life what YOU ARE, despite all the hard work that you may put in.

If you want to change something in your life, stop trying to DO things and start BECOMING those things on the inside, at the identity level, and what you want will happen automatically.

Restructuring changes the path of least resistance.

Changing your underlying structure changes the flow.

Today I am making you an offer on this concept….

Mind Framework.

A tried, tested, and true program for creating anything you desire in your life.

Knowing what you want is itself a skill.

We start with vision:

Gaining clarity about the end result.

For many people, much of their life is organised around the circumstances in their lives.

For others, much of their lives are organised around creating what they want to create.

The shift from the reactive-responsive orientation to the orientation of the creative is both simple and complex.

It is easy to live in the realm of the creative, but it is so unusual that many people find it hard to leave their past learnings behind.

The shift can be aided by experiences of the creative process, but it is not a gradual manifestation.

When you are in the reactive-responsive orientation, it seems difficult to make this shift, but when you are in the orientation of the creative, it is clear and obvious.

What is in us that strives to create?

Why do we want to construct buildings; make businesses; paint paintings; invent technology; compose music; devise management systems; write books; play with computer graphics; tinker with gadgets; and write, produce, and direct films or become entrepreneurs and build businesses?

A fact that history teaches us is that our drive to create is independent of the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

We are, by nature, Generative.

The force that drives us to create, which is generative and independent from circumstances,

and the force to avoid threat, which is reactive or responsive and is driven by the circumstances

 are incompatible with each other.

Blending them is impossible.

Either our generative urge, or our reactions and responses will be the dominant motivational force.

The principle of the path of least resistance is something we all understand on an essential level,

that energy will always move where it is easiest for it to move.

To accomplish real and lasting change,

the underlying structure must be observed, understood, and redesigned.

I illustrate this concept of structure by thinking about a central train station, and trains go in all directions from this point.

The structure has been created, so the trains follow the path of least resistance.

Where do our existing structures come from?

Information is received via the mind and the Five senses;

We interpret this information with feelings (good or not good) and the brain created the pathways.

These pathways become the path of least Resistance.

 We will create structures to change the flow.






Repetition solidifies the pathways, which are now the pathways of least resistance.

Once a structure exists, energy moves through that structure by the path of least resistance.

In other words, energy moves where it is easiest for it to go.

This is true not only for trains, but for all things in nature.

The water in a river flow along the path of least resistance.

If you watch the flow of pedestrian traffic in time-lapse photography,

you can track the patterns of people walking on a busy street, avoiding each other on their way.

Sometimes a pedestrian's path of least resistance is to walk straight ahead, sometimes to move to the right or left, sometimes to walk faster, and sometimes to slow down or wait a moment.

You have followed the path of least resistance to be where you are in your life right now.

Three distinctions to consider.

1) You are like a river. You go through life taking the path of least resistance. We all do—all human beings and all of nature.

It is important to know that.

2) The underlying brain structure of your life determines the path of least resistance.

Whether you are aware of these structures or not, they are there.

This is your subconscious identity.

3) You can change the fundamental underlying structures of your life.

With an appropriate change in the underlying structure of your life,

the path of least resistance cannot lead anywhere except in the direction you really want to go.

This is a skill that can be learned.

Structure determines behavior.

The way anything is structured determines the behavior within that structure.

The guiding principle that emanates from these three insights is this:

You can learn to recognize the structures at play in your life and change them so that you can create what you really want to create.

You must know what you desire.

Your future self-vision.

What Is Structure?

The structure of anything refers to its fundamental parts and how those individual elements function in relation to each other and in relation to the whole.

A human body's structure refers to its parts—the brain, heart, lungs, blood cells, nerves, muscles, and so on—and how these individual parts function in relation to each other and to the body as a whole organism.

Thinking (which is a higher faculty of mind) isolates events:

"understanding" then interconnects them.

"Understanding is structure,"

 for it’s the process we have for establishing the relationship between events.

Everything has an underlying unifying structure.

Some structures are physical, such as bridges, buildings, tunnels, stadiums.

Some structures are nonphysical, such as the plot of a novel, the form of a symphony, the dramatic movement of a film, or the structure of a sonnet.

Whether physical or non-physical, any structure is made up of parts that relate to one another.

When these parts interact, they set up tendencies—inclinations toward movement.

Every structure contains within it the inclination toward movement, that is, a tendency to change from one state into another state.

What determines the tendency to move?

The underlying structure.

The structures that have the most influence on your life have been composed of your desires, beliefs, assumptions, aspirations, and goals.

Your current version of reality itself is the result of the behavior of your underlying structures.

When you examine your structure, we are not talking about your mental state of being.

We will use the power of the mind to connect the dots, so when we understand the structure of our operating system, we can then address structural changes that we design to assist us into the path of least resistance.

The study of structure is independent of and different from the study of psychology.

But when we begin to understand how structure works and to apply structural principles to human behavior,

two extraordinary principles become obvious.

One is that human beings act in accordance with the under- lying structures in their lives.

Secondly, some structures are more useful than others in leading to desired results.

People commonly believe that if they change their behavior, they can change the structures in their lives.

In fact, just the opposite is true. (Subconscious identity is your hidden structure.)

A pendulum is structured to oscillate.

A rocket is structured to lead to a destination.

Your structure (the neural pathways of the brain) determines actions.

This concept will allow you to rewire your Brain. To understand the internal mind structures that have been learned and now give you a pathway of least resistance. If that pathway leads you to a place you don’t want to be, then we just need to reroute the pathway.

This “proof of Concept” is our MIND FRAMEWORK.

This is our $99.00 special offer.

It’s not a digital course or book or video etc.

It’s a one-to-one personal interaction where I or a team member will have a one to one 20-minute coaching session with you. This is a 6-week program upgrading your operating system.

Here is a brief outline:

Week 1: It's all about content verses context. How information you receive is processed through your contextual ways of thinking.

Week 2: Vision. We assist you to create a vision of your future self, to let go of the past and focus on what is the next best step. We are starting with the end in mind. Your must haves.

Week 3: Resistance. the challenges of why you don't have what you say you want. The obstacles and the stories you tell yourself.

Week 4: Identity: who you are is based on information you learned growing up. From family, from community, from culture, from circumstances and country. Are they still serving you today?

Week 5: You are more than enough: Everything you know has been learned. You were born a clean with a clean slate. You had no knowledge. We unveil the fact that you are good enough.

Week 6: Attention. You are where you put your attention. What you focus on either from brain-based habits or current circumstances is what creates much of the stress.

It’s about having a conversation to explore your future self-vision, you're limiting and or empowering beliefs, subconscious identity, our fear of change, your money story and more.

It’s about learning how to apply knowledge.

It’s about proving the mindset concept.


You will also have access to our training portal, our library of information that will assist you after the MIND FRAMEWORK has been integrated into your thinking process.

Normally we charge $997.00 for this MIND FRAMEWORK, but because many people have proved how well this understanding makes their lives so much better.

Better relationships, better thoughts, better outcomes in all areas of life.

To ensure that you have all the tools (information) I have included 7 bonus books that will build upon this foundation.



Our team has decided that as part of our mission statement at to make this available at a very special limited time only off $99.00......

The questions you are asking yourself right now are.

Why should I buy this from this person?

What's in it for me.

Can I trust this to work for me?


If not now when?

The books alone are worth more than the asking price.

What is the worst that can happen?

What is the best that can happen?

It's your choice.

thewencoreentrepreneurs pathway
books to assist theencoreentrepreneurs

Take advantage of this offer whilst its open.

It is limited to a small number of people at this time.

Click the image to go to the Resource Centre.

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