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The Coaching Package for Encore Entrepreneurs.

 Mind Mirror Framework.

  This for only for a limited group of people.

The value of being able to pass on your skills, knowledge and wisdom to assist people to get from where they are to where they want to be.

The necessity of training and teaching people is evident when you consider that most people, no matter what their current circumstances are, is that if they want to grow themselves financially, emotionally and create a different outcome, they never do.


Because they are stuck in their identity.

What are you waiting for? There’s a leap in your life you’ve been putting off, and it’s killing you.

Maybe not literally, but it’s killing your spirit.

It’s killing your belief, your enthusiasm, and the thrill of this one experience we call life. It’s killing your energy, vitality, and hope for the future.

When those are gone, you might as well be the walking dead. It’s draining your life force, and every day you put it off, you’re reminded of how it hasn’t happened for you yet.

And now you’re questioning if it ever will.

People need to be reassured that they have the skill, the confidence, and that the result is worth it.

This additional reading material will give you the background to ensure you are successful.

Book your bonus training calls.

The one-to-one training calls.

This is a 6-week conversation. 

Get the details on the Path of least Resistance" page.

Coaching and personal growth material is beneficial to giving you the skills to apply the knowledge. These books are included as part of the package.
In excess of $230.00 worth.

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The Accountability Coaching Package. 

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Do you need Coaching? 

Only you can answer that question. If you are not where you want to be and seem stuck after you have read the material, you have not been able to dissolve the resistance you are experiencing. The solution you seek is within. Peeling back the layers of self-limiting thoughts to make the invisible visible is often best done by someone else. That person has a unique perspective.

They can reveal your blind spots. 

Who will you BE.

At some point you must decide who you want to be.

The knowledge I have made available to you is by itself worthless unless you are going to apply it.

Question: Do you want to transform your Life?

I don't want your excuses as to what is holding you back (money, time, partner, bills, no job etc.)

Just answer the question...yes or no.

 If you have answered yes, this is for you. 

Do the work. Read the material. There will be resistance.

Knowing will be challenging.

The state of who you are Being will challenge you.

The doing, the application of knowledge will at times frustrate you. Most people give up long before they experience this pain.

However, when working with an accountability partner all things become easier.

There is a benefit to both of us. I continue to build my skills. You get on the road.

What you get. 

The initial deep dive into what you want to achieve.

Discussion on what is holding you back.

An unlimited number of 15-minute sessions to deal with the resistance that will appear.

There is homework that will need to be completed before you can book the next session.

Monthly connection where we review progress. Discuss resistance. Discuss the state of your BEING.

Up to six months support. I want your success story to be part of my success story.

Once only fee of $99.00 

This is available only to people building a business, but I can assure you that the knowledge you learn to apply will benefit all areas of your life.

Unconditional guarantee.

If at the end of the period, and you have done the homework and reading, if you are not created a new personal reality, a new way of seeing your world, a 100% refund will be provided.

Quantum State Coaching.

Ready to become professional Coach. Quantum State  is the answer.

Quantum State is a technology of perception and communication, giving participants new ways of decoding their inner and outer world for greater control, engagement, and joy for life.

Quantum State works to unlock more than 200 transformative

distinctions for its students, coaches, and clients.

Each transformative distinction amplifies and clarifies self and

situational awareness, granting participants access to deeper levels of

perception, thought, communication and control in all aspects of life.

The goal of Quantum State is to return you to your innate purpose and

operating system. To get you back in communication with each

perceptual and computational center within your body.

To free you from

the psychoneural-chemical mechanism that ties your mental, social,

and physical state of wellbeing to your perceived social status and position in hierarchies.

How does this work for you?

I initially did it as an eight-day course. This was an overload. The purpose of this course is to build upon the foundations of your learning so far. For you to benefit from this transformative program I teach it over a 12-week period. It's an intensive one-to-one training and learning how to apply the principles to your life. The coaching will change your perception of life. You will understand your patterns of behaviour, and others.

Question? Do you want to Transform your life?

Not your excuses.... just a yes or no answer.

If you said yes, and are committed, you will find the way.

This training has a double-edged benefit for you. Doing this course will give you the right, but not the obligation, to sell this training to others.

The profit from the sale of this is 80% of the sale price.

When you purchase this training, you will receive the first course (your new personal reality) for free.

The training overview.

12 weekly calls.

Unlimited 15 min top up calls

Homework and application training.

Bonus reading

access to the library book club.

But wait,

This offer is exceptional value at $1890.00

the upgrade offer goes above and beyond.

Introducing this superb bonus offer.

The 17 Day Break Through Transformation.

Normally we would sell this product for $1600.00

but for a limited time you can get it with your Quantum State Coaching package for an extra $395.00 you will have access to this 17-day program.

It will come with my empowered coaching support.

This is the Mastery Level 1 Course.

You have the right but not the obligation to resell This package for a profit of $1828.00

If you are in business or starting out these are award winning programs that actually will transform your world.


The Beyond Freedom Experience.

The Master of Destinies Success Coaching and Training
is a curriculum consisting of a series of online courses and virtual live events.
These courses and events are designed to fast track your ability to transform your life and create significant wealth.
It's development began in 1998 with live training events and conference calls designed to assist entrepreneurs in overcoming the obstacles of success.

It quickly became obvious that what was holding people back was primarily psychological in nature. Limiting beliefs, illogical fears, a negative self-image, a lack of understanding how to manage ones emotional state, the lack of awareness of how one's own emotional state impacts others, a lack of direction, goals, certainty, and self-confidence.

In other words, if people can't get the mental game of success and leadership right, nothing else matters. This realization is the genesis of our Master of Destinies Curriculum.

This home study course is supported by my Empowered Living Experience.

From personal experience I have found that most people need an accountability partner. The journey of discovery when you do this program will bring up some difficult issues that need an accountability partner.

The Business Builders Fastrack to Success Package. A business by design.

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