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Your Dream Life Starts Here...

Knowledge: Praxis: Discipline:

We help people to find answers, solve problems, and get inspired to create a joyful and abundant life.

To believe; to doing; to becoming.

I know that personal development gives to the tools to be able to gain the knowledge, coaching crates the discipline to go from knowing to doing.

The business model allows you to create a joyful and abundant life.

I have always loved teaching people and after 20 odd years working with welfare-based communities to understand that your circumstances do not have to be your life, I knew that as a Business Development Coach what we all need is a FRAMEWORK.
The proof is in the pudding.
Most people do not live a joyful and abundant life.
What’s your dream life look like?
Most cannot answer that question with clarity.
Do you live your dream life right now?
Most people say no.
If you desire to live a joyful and abundant life, well my passion is helping people like you discover, chase, and achieve your Dreams.
Why?  Because I think life is too short not to live our dream lives - and when we all pursue our dreams and shine, we make the world a better place for all. 

I stole this formula from a great mentor of mine.

desire + no resistance=desired result.

This is how we use this formula.

Am I living a joyful and abundant life right now?  = My desire.

The first thought you have is the first belief.         = resistance.  

Examine this belief. This is where you will spend your time. Examining resistances.    The how will come later.

Beliefs usually fall within these 4 core resistances.

Existing contextual way of thinking =limiting beliefs:  

changed thoughts begins a process.

Resentment: bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly:

Forgive anyone and everything so that you can move forward. Not for them.

Core beliefs: conditioned and habitual ways of being. (worry etc.) surrender to what is.

Fear creates conditions that shape our “reality” from the very things we are afraid of. Not being good enough.

(Reptilian brain is kicking in; community is needed. Think hunter /gather and small community.

These concepts are what we teach and as a leadership coaching Business.

Despite the exponential growth and popularity of coaching, the industry is far from being saturated.

The truth is that it’s filled with opportunity.

Opportunity for those coaches who are willing to learn how to get results for other people.

Are you desiring to live a joyful and abundant life by helping yourself and others to do this?

We need you. The world needs you.

Discover if you're on track to live your Dream Life. Take our quiz now!

Answer some questions - it'll take about 5 mins - and we’ll send you personalised insights.

If you're a growth-minded person wanting to squeeze the most out of your precious life, our 'On Track to Live Your Dream Life?' quiz is a perfect check-in for you.

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Your life reflects you.

Your internal thoughts are reflected in the life you experience.

 Mind Mirror Framework.

This is usually our introductory education that allows you to see if what we do can assist you to live a joyful and abundant life. 

This training benefits all types of people.

We have used it with weight loss, fitness, personal training, career support, business development and students who are struggling.


The value of being able to pass on your skills, knowledge and wisdom to assist people to get from where they are to where they want to be.


When you're working with people it so easy for us to say that this would be different if I chose a different pathway back then.


Your journey becomes the reason why for many others.

The necessity of training and teaching people is evident when you consider that most people, no matter what their current circumstances are, is that if they want to grow themselves financially, emotionally and create a different outcome, they never do.



Because they are stuck in their identity.

What are you waiting for?

There’s a leap in your life you’ve been putting off, and it’s killing you.

Maybe not literally, but it’s killing your spirit.

It’s killing your belief, your enthusiasm, and the thrill of this one experience we call life. It’s killing your energy, vitality, and hope for the future.

When those are gone, you might as well be the walking dead.

It’s draining your life force, and every day you put it off, you’re reminded of how it hasn’t happened for you yet.

And now you’re questioning if it ever will.

People need to be reassured that they have the skill, the confidence, and that the result is worth it.

This additional reading material will give you the background to ensure you are successful.

Do the quiz.

Discover if you're on track to live your Dream Life. Take our quiz now!

Answer some questions - it'll take about 5 mins - and we’ll send you personalised insights.

If you're a growth-minded person wanting to squeeze the most out of your precious life, our 'On Track to Live Your Dream Life?' quiz is a perfect check-in for you.

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Hi, I'm Bruce and I love to teach what I have learned to live a joyful and abundant life.

I would love to assist you.


Coaching and personal growth material is beneficial to giving you the skills to apply the knowledge. These books are included as part of the package.
In excess of $230.00 worth.

Screenshot 2022-10-31 151219.jpg
Screenshot 2022-10-31 160312.jpg
Screenshot 2022-10-31 160614.jpg
Screenshot 2022-10-31 161732.jpg
Screenshot 2023-02-16 115302.jpg

The Accountability Coaching Package. 

Screenshot 2022-02-27 110150.jpg
Screenshot 2023-03-08 135949.jpg

Do you need Coaching? 

Only you can answer that question. If you are not where you want to be and seem stuck after you have read the material, you have not been able to dissolve the resistance you are experiencing. The solution you seek is within. Peeling back the layers of self-limiting thoughts to make the invisible visible is often best done by someone else. That person has a unique perspective.

They can reveal your blind spots. 

Who will you BE.

At some point you must decide who you want to be.

The knowledge I have made available to you is by itself worthless unless you are going to apply it.

Question: Do you want to transform your Life?

I don't want your excuses as to what is holding you back (money, time, partner, bills, no job etc.)

Just answer the question...yes or no.

 If you have answered yes, this is for you. 

Do the work. Read the material. There will be resistance.

Knowing will be challenging.

The state of who you are Being will challenge you.

The doing, the application of knowledge will at times frustrate you. Most people give up long before they experience this pain.

However, when working with an accountability partner all things become easier.

There is a benefit to both of us. I continue to build my skills. You get on the road.

What you get. 

The initial deep dive into what you want to achieve.

Discussion on what is holding you back.

An unlimited number of 15-minute sessions to deal with the resistance that will appear.

There is homework that will need to be completed before you can book the next session.

Monthly connection where we review progress. Discuss resistance. Discuss the state of your BEING.

Up to six months support. I want your success story to be part of my success story.

Once only fee of $99.00 

Free on This page.

This is available only to people building a business, but I can assure you that the knowledge you learn to apply will benefit all areas of your life.

Unconditional guarantee.

If at the end of the period, and you have done the homework and reading, if you are not created a new personal reality, a new way of seeing your world, a 100% refund will be provided.

Welcome to the DREAMTIME.

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.”


Whether you want to get the most out of your personal life, career or business, the insights on dreaming and doing may be your most important learnings this year.

Your joyful and abundant life, your Dream Life Starts Here. 
This is divided into three parts: 
Discover Your Dreams, 
Design Your Plan, 
and Make It Happen. 
Each part focuses on different aspects of creating a dream life such as goal setting, time management, and overcoming fear. 
We also provide helpful exercises throughout the program that will help you to identify your passions, set meaningful goals, and create an action plan to achieve those goals.

Our one-to-one coaching you will have additional resources which are especially useful for getting through the resistance. It’s less about practical business advice, and more about the emotional and mental side of chasing your dreams (which is equally important, of course).

It will help you overcome your own beliefs and mental and emotional obstacles, but it won’t help you run your business.

There’s a place for both in the personal development world of course, I just want to make it clear who this program is for.

Like so many people, many of us have already decided that how we think and do is the only way.

This opens the door to possibility, a new "Personal Reality" for you.

You will be creating your "Path of Least Resistance" for you.

This program has additional reading material included.

This course also comes with our unique coaching package.

Quantum State Coaching.

Ready to become professional Coach. Quantum State  is the answer.

Quantum State is a technology of perception and communication, giving participants new ways of decoding their inner and outer world for greater control, engagement, and joy for life.

Quantum State works to unlock more than 200 transformative

distinctions for its students, coaches, and clients.

Each transformative distinction amplifies and clarifies self and

situational awareness, granting participants access to deeper levels of

perception, thought, communication and control in all aspects of life.

The goal of Quantum State is to return you to your innate purpose and

operating system. To get you back in communication with each

perceptual and computational center within your body.

To free you from

the psychoneural-chemical mechanism that ties your mental, social,

and physical state of wellbeing to your perceived social status and position in hierarchies.

How does this work for you?

I initially did it as an eight-day course.

This was an overload.

The purpose of this course is to build upon the foundations of your learning so far.

For you to benefit from this transformative program I teach it over a 12-week period.

It's an intensive one-to-one training and learning how to apply the principles to your life.


The coaching will change your perception of life. You will understand your patterns of behaviour, and others.

Question? Do you want to Transform your life?

Not your excuses.... just a yes or no answer.

If you said yes, and are committed, you will find the way.

This training has a double-edged benefit for you.

When you purchase this training, you will receive the first course (your new personal reality) for free.

The training overview.

12 weekly calls.

Unlimited 15 min top up calls.

Homework and application training.

Bonus reading material to support you.

People write books to solve problems. People buy books to solve problems.

The tools we use.


This is our Mastery Level 1 training.

 17 Day Personal Prosperity System- Home Study Program.

Take a journey behind the scenes of your own perceptions. Watch as your mind seeks to construct- and continues to reconstruct- a "reality" based on your worst fears, self-doubts and self-limiting beliefs.

Transforming your life is not only easy, it's actually effortless. However, this is only true if you can see through the illusions of your own mind to the possibilities that exist.

While technically easy, this process does take courage and a willingness to engage in the content and exercises contained with the curriculum and a willingness to engage more deeply into your own life.

In the 17 Day Personal Prosperity System we focus on six mind transcending topics. These topics are:

1. The Six Higher Faculties Of Mind
2. Internal vs External Reality
3. The Sixth Sense Zone
4. Collapsing The Field
5. Love And Gratitude Compass
6. Seeing The Subliminal

For a limited time, with your purchase of M1, you will also receive our Quantum State Coaching as a free gift.

The empowered Living Experience.

Our 12 Months Intensive learning and applying the principles to your life.


The Master of Destinies Success Coaching and Training.
This is a curriculum consisting of a series of online courses and virtual live events.
These courses and events are designed to fast track your ability to transform your life and create significant wealth.
It's development began in 1998 with live training events and conference calls designed to assist entrepreneurs in overcoming the obstacles of success.

It quickly became obvious that what was holding people back was primarily psychological in nature. Limiting beliefs, illogical fears, a negative self-image, a lack of understanding how to manage ones emotional state, the lack of awareness of how one's own emotional state impacts others, a lack of direction, goals, certainty, and self-confidence.

In other words, if people can't get the mental game of success and leadership right, nothing else matters. This realization is the genesis of our Master of Destinies Curriculum.

This home study course is supported by my Empowered Living Experience.

From personal experience I have found that most people need an accountability partner. The journey of discovery when you do this program will bring up some difficult issues that need an accountability partner.

The Empowered Living Experience has unlimited number of 15 min Coaching sessions along with 12 Monthly application of the principles Coaching sessions. 

Not all Coaches are equal.

There are certain aspects of your unique personality that can give you an edge.

That being said, you are only as good as your tools.

Most coaching focuses in at the level of problem solving and incremental growth.

This can be a painfully slow and tedious process that leaves both the Coach and the Client flat.

While this type of Coaching can be very useful for fine tuning it becomes increasingly complex and difficult as you try to pin down the exact issue to create the desired outcomes.

If you're ready to get unparalleled wins with your clients, there is an alternative approach. We will teach you to target something much more fundamental.

And when you shift something fundamental, everything else shifts as a byproduct.

The Path of Least Resistance is the process of rapid transformation.

Personal Development Coaching as a Business.

Within this business there are many opportunities for you.

Over time we have evolved from one-to-one personal development coaching, to one to many.

The Business Devlopment process is how we can assist others to create their "dream life" and live a joyful and abundant life.

We wish that for all of us.

A dream is not possible without the assistance of others. It's the WHO not the HOW that's important. When you share your dream with like-minded people, it's amazing what comes your way.

This is for those who wish to create a streamlined and successful Coaching Business: Fast.

The Business Builders Fastrack to Success Package.

A business by design.

They form the foundation of our personal Development Coaching Business.

The interesting truth is that no matter what your resistance to personal growth the answer is within.

These products and with an empathetic witness (coach) allows anyone to assist others to live a joyful and abundant life, irrespective of what the person desires.

The principles apply to all areas of life.

This is how we chose to become business builders.

Our dream is to help mature aged people to gain the knowledge, to trust in the process and acquire the discipline to create their dream life.

Everything is possible, but not all at once.

Desire+ no resistance= desired result (over time).

50 marketing ideas.jpg

Business By Design.

What is a business by design?


Creating a "Business by Design" is how our business is designed to allow you to have more profit, more time and more Freedom. 

This business model is designed to allow you to build an online business that lasts. 

The structure is designed to help launch all kinds of personal development coaching models.

Investing in advertising is a great way to attract life coaching clients. It allows you to reach a large number of people and get your brand in front of prospects who are in the market for services like ours.




A Commitment to Service:

Every person meant for coaching success feels a calling inside…

A longing for a more meaningful career – to feel powerful and alive.

Life speaks to us through these feelings… and urges us to step into the role we were born to fulfill -- that is so desperately needed for growth of love and consciousness in the world.

A successful coach is able to overcome their own blocks, limiting patterns and negative beliefs because they stay connected to these concepts:

Choose to live my life to these 4 core principles.

1: I choose to live a life I love:

2: I choose to be the creator of my life:

3: I choose to be on purpose:

4: I choose to be fit and healthy.

pleaasure pain.jpg

People who are looking for coaching support are looking to solve this in their lives.

As the quickest and easiest way to find your clients with our system is paid advertising and email follow-up.

Social media marketing is the quick way to find your clients…or the easiest way to spend a bucket full of money and see no result’s.

Fortunately, you will have access to our social media training.

marketing training.jpg

As a social media marketing business, we can teach you, and will give you access to our digital marketing Training.


Having the right skills and programs is all well and good, but without sharing your story to your market is a sure-fire way to fail.

Whether you’re a social media pro or just finding your feet, this course provides the social and digital marketing skills which are recognized & wanted around the world.

Continuously updated content means you'll get cutting-edge digital marketing and soft skills, always.

Learn the key social media specialisms including social campaign management, audience engagement, and content marketing. 

Plus, you’ll learn how to use Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, AI and more to grow your business.

You will also have access to really great checklist from several well-known coaching Companies.

Is it time to reboot your life? To be able to make a quality decision, you need quality information. Inside the members area you will have access to a wealth of information, resources and training. Its free to join.

Dorothy 1_edited.jpg

Just enjoying a cup of coffee. As you can see, we are pretty relaxed all the time.

Welcome to our Dreamtime.

The successful lives of nearly high achievers start with a dream.

In the realm of slumber, where moonlight weaves its silken threads,
Dreams unfurl, like butterflies emerging from their chrysalis.
Stars whisper secrets, and night blooms release their fragrant sighs,
Guiding souls through ethereal landscapes, where imagination reigns.

Dreams, those weavers of possibility, spin their gossamer tales:
A cosmic dance with time, where wishes take flight,
And fantasy brushes against the edges of reality.
In this nocturnal sanctuary, we are both creator and creation.

Begin with a dream, they say, and so we do:
Painting constellations on the canvas of sleep,
Chasing moonbeams across galaxies,
Diving into oceans of memory and desire.

In the quiet hours, when stars hold their breath,
Dreams beckon us to journey beyond,
To explore, to believe, to become.
And so, we close our eyes, and begin. 🌙✨

Welcome to the world of possibility and probability.

Evey decision I make is measured by this equation?

Is it possible? have others done what I desire?

Is it Probable?  what do I have to learn to improve my probability.

Anything is possible but not all at once.

Our personal business dream, which is just one of many dreams (the Bucket list if you like) is to awaken the DREAMTIME in us all.

And to work with 101 like-minded encore entrepreneurs to make it real for them.

Dreams succeed when you have a dream that benefits others as well as yourself.

Why should you Join the members area.

If you desire to live a joyful and abundant life, to make the rest of your years the best of your years, then take the time to consider new information.

The member's area is free to join.

This will give you access to a multitude of educational resources that will create the foundation of your future self.

Knowledge: Praxis: Discipline:

marketing image.jpg

How to find and enrol clients in your business.

We focus on paid Advertising.

Whether you’re considering coaching as a career or you’re already a certified life coach, you were probably drawn to this profession because you felt called to make a difference in the world and have an impact on the lives of others.

We believe that being a coach is a sacred calling because the calling you feel is actually the echo of each person you are meant to help, seeking you!

Besides providing you the opportunity to help people reach their goals, overcome obstacles, and create lives they truly love living, their "dream life."

A career in personal development coaching also offers a tremendous amount of time and money freedom.

That is, if you’re able to enroll new clients

No matter how sacred your calling is or how special your mission is, if you don’t have the right tools or skills needed to reach potential clients, you won’t be able to successfully enroll new clients.

And more importantly, you won’t be in business long enough to serve your community.

With our blueprint, you’ll learn the right way to enroll new clients by revealing the eight steps every successful coach follows to sell their services and grow their business faster than anyone else.

You’ll also discover how to build your clientele list in a way that doesn’t feel pushy or salesy, but rather, comes from a heart-centered desire to be of service to those in need.

Follow these eight steps, and you’ll be well on your way to fulfilling your sacred calling and enrolling at least 10 new clients in 90 days or less!

If you want to build a personally fulfilling, lucrative career with a robust client base, you also need additional training.

A well-rounded life coaching certification program should include curriculum (beyond just methods), marketing, enrollment, and business building training, which we offer here

Quantum State Coach Certification trains on how to coach others in this award-winning process.

This program includes in-depth mentoring, tools and templates for authentic client attraction, heart-centered client enrollment and business-building.

Our Mastery level 1 program not only gives you the knowledge, but more importantly gives you, the coach, in-depth understanding of how to apply these concepts so others can apply them as well.

Knowledge by itself is useless, it the application of knowledge that gives people their personal power.

For over 20 years, this system has helped countless people from all walks of life train to become successful, personal and professional development coaches.

Many of whom have built 6- and 7-figure businesses doing what they love!

Making a difference and creating real results in your client’s lives comes down to two key tools:

1: An effective coaching methodology, and

2: A proven, transformational curriculum.

Our programs are award winning programs.

You will be proud to be marketing your services with our award winning process.

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