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The Work with a Coach Jump Start Offer.
This is for those who desire to BE in this business. Helping others to grow and succeed.
to have the H.O.T.S 
(helping others to succeed.)

Are you the person willing to APPLY knowledge to your life?

Let me be brutally honest here.

Many people have the desire and commitment but lack the skills, personal characteristics, and traits to succeed.

Working with a mentor/coach overcomes that challenge.

Do you have a vision of where you want to be?

This vehicle, with assistance from us, will get you there.

Our Jump start offer is about momentum.

Momentum from day one.

To summarise.

Are you motivated to develop your business skills and knowledge for greater success while putting your Leadership talents to use?

Become a professional business/marketing coach & create a thriving business you can call your own.

We provide a complete business with everything you need, all in one place.

Best of all, it can be run in the non-work hours of your day.

Are you ready to start a new self-directed career, teaching others and being exceptionally well rewarded for your efforts?

To utilise the existing process to assist others on the

Journey Of Becoming.

Working with industry leaders, award winning products and generous compensation on all sales.

Enjoy working your own hours from your home office/anywhere.


The Opportunity.

This is an independent contractor opportunity; all compensation is derived from the profits from your sales.

  • Positioned in the Leadership Development, Training Coaching, and the Success Education industries.

  •  You will work with us to market and promote our business solutions and products and services on a day-to-day basis by assisting us in creating strategic online marketing content.

  • You will be connected to our current campaign from day one.

  • Track & analyze the success of those 

  • Participate in training program conducted via Zoom.

  • Communicate with clients.

Your Skill Set:

          Motivated & Self Disciplined

          Professional, polite & courteous

          Solution orientated & the ability to work independently.

          Comfortable interacting with a diverse range of personality types.

          Goal orientated to be achieving an above average income.


          Upfront profits from our joint marketing efforts.

          Remote role - Work from anywhere.

          Choose your own hours.

          Flexible to work part-time or full-time hours.

         Ongoing training for qualified applicants.

The Jump start offer is all about momentum. 

From my perspective, to comprehend all the moving parts to create a profitable and successful business can be a little overwhelming to begin with.

Work with a Coach and partner with a coach process, it's all about you.

You are acquiring the knowledge to become the person who succeeds at this level, (the knowledge), while the other parts of the process are


If you are ready to apply yourself to something worthwhile, to have a joyful and abundant life, now is your time.

The "work with a coach" is our get started now. It is all about getting you moving forward whilst you are learning. You will have access to all of our training and 3 weekly coaching sessions. It's a "DONE FOR YOU" process.

There is a requirement to have a daily marketing budget of $10.00 per day.

You can make a time on my calendar here. Usually for about 10 minutes.

Its about here that most marketers will expand upon the 5 P's in marketing.

Your Painful Problem.

The Promise to you.

Our Process.



Marketing is the key to creating results.

I have learned a lot as marketer. We have a process and plan for marketing.

As a Facebook marketing specialist, it's all about testing and scaling. Understand and accept that most advertising campaigns fail.

Its the 80/20 rule.

We test until we find the 20% that resonate.

Then we scale.

Well, I will not promise you anything.

But from experience until you BE the person who is willing to DO the work you will never HAVE what you think you want.

Many people do not value either themselves or their knowledge.

I have seen many people (and I have been one of those) purchase low ticket items.

Results only happen when you make a commitment and apply the knowledge. 

The process:

Participate in my "Empowered living Experience", participate in the weekly coaching, do the homework, contribute to the conversation about your resistance to certain activities (I had many😃) and still do.

Marketing. You must have a marketing budget.

Initially we are looking at $10.00 per day.

What makes you MATTER.

The question was asked of me What makes me matter?

Do I have a life purpose?

This was challenging but when I started to think about what makes me “FEEL” good I knew my answer.

I knew why I enjoyed my work.

I knew why I had spent 20 years working and living with my work concept.

I knew what made me matter.

The next question I had was how to make the lives of others matter for them.

Who and what?

Who would I BE.

My Being:

I decided in that moment after listening to a podcast, that my life purpose for the next 12 months would be: 

To become the person, I need to be to create the success, freedom, and quality of life that I truly want for myself and others.

What would I DO.

My Doing:

I would add value to the lives of others:

by assembling a wealth of information inside the members area. 

Provide weekly and ongoing support, training, and mentoring/coaching for a team of people who wish and act with this purpose.

Being average means to settle for less than you truly want and are capable of, and to struggle for your entire life.

Every day, most people settle, and most people struggle on almost every level.

Physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, financially—you name it—most people wake up each day and struggle to create the levels of success, happiness, love fulfillment, health and financial prosperity that they truly desire.


Then I would HAVE my ideal life.


What about you?


Do you desire a joyful and abundant life?

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profitable campaign methodology.jpg

Your New Personal Reality.

This is the training you will receive when you take the first step.

What to Expect By the end of reading this book, you will know the Superconscious Creator Code, a five-step method that allows you to get into the correct structure to unlock your natural gifts, intuition, and genius and create a magnetic mind, pulling in anything you really desire.

This book is a challenge, a call to action.

It will ask you to step into a new reality to reconsider some of your deepest-held beliefs and will give you a second chance in life.

It will give you the code, but you will have to use it, implement it, and assimilate it to make it your own.

Many who find their way to this work have spent a lifetime (or lifetimes) seeking to understand how to create what they love and have found themselves going around in circles.

This is where the journey of seeking stops and where a new life will emerge, so treasure what you find here.


It is time to create a life you love. ]

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Screenshot 2022-10-20 105850.jpg

Although you may not realise it yet, you probably already have many or all of the skills that you need in order to “do” marketing.

With a shift in mindset, you can go from feeling daunted by marketing to excited by it, enjoying it, and making it part of your coaching practice.

The Coach’ Marketing Journey will take you from feeling like you’re standing in the storm to standing on a hill looking at the rainbow bursting out of the storm clouds.

With over 40 years of marketing experience, learning and knowledge, co-founders of Better Bolder Braver Simon and Frances have created the Coach’s Marketing Journey. This journey is unlike other marketing advice with its emphasis on tactics and chasing vanity metrics such as likes and views.

We believe there is a more ethical, fun and rewarding way to attract better clients, build a bolder coaching product and become braver with your pricing, planning and purpose.

This is a mindset shift and a change of perspective from conversions to conversations.

If you're ready to change your life, I am ready to assist.

Success is built upon the application of a proven process.

I know that if you have done the reading that you will have discovered that success is no secret.

People everywhere have produced the road maps.

They all highlight the similar steps.

For me, the "Journey of Becoming" means that.

You dream of who you would like to “BE.” 

You dream of things you would like to “DO.

 You dream of what you would like to “HAVE.”

You embrace the feelings about where you are now, acknowledge that what has got you here won't get you there. and embrace the feeling of what it would be like to be There.

The above books will be part of the training for you.

Marketing is the essential next ingredient.

My bonus service offerings when you proceed.

Option 1: Marketing. I can do your initial Facebook advertising Campaign and monitor you result for the duration of that campaign.

Make the necessary adjustments etc.

This is usually involving a setting up fee plus ongoing retainer. (approx. $3k)

Option 2: You are joining the "Work with a Coach" business starter.

The jump start offer is all about getting you on the road to creating the life you love.

When you take this pathway, you are in our "Empowered Living "experience.

This is my signature Fast Track business launch Pad to get you to be creating at least 10K per month income.

The expectation is that you will be purchasing our M7 FastTrack product range, and desire to be in this business.


Ready to change your Life Now?

Ready to BE doing rather than hoping?

                The Core Six Process.

It's all about solving your most painful problem.

Getting Leads that move to Clients /business partners.

    Choose your Keystone income Goal.

           This goal will allow you to fulfill all your wishes.

            The skills to acquire that make the difference.

      Empowerment Coaching.

 Digital Marketing.

You have a WHY?​

The company system has its multiplier and leverage components.

The qualifying process is the benefit I receive for getting you qualified.

It is my reward for investing my skills time and training skills so that you get from where you are to where you want to be.

     What's your Keystone Income Goal?

Six Figure income? 

Work with a Coach.

This is about Marketing.

My team and I are building a business, and we are looking for "Partners" to work with.

My business is about "becoming" the person who makes the income that is part of my must haves.

You need to be in alignment with that concept.

The emphasis is on scaling the marketing.

Your entry level is $997.00 usd.

An ongoing marketing budget of $10.00 usd per day for the initial concept testing phases.

It's a structured global advertising campaign.




My Partner with a Coach.

 You have DESIRE and a reason WHY.

You will learn how to understand why you have not been able to create the life you desire.

This is a strictly limited number of places to partner with a coach. 

we share in the profits of product sales.

You can apply to the waiting list by sending me an email. As per the presentation, there is no requirement to purchase any product. This offer fits into that space. To participate in this program, you will have or be willing to purchase the training package and coaching offer that is the foundation to building any business.

You must BE before you can DO and you must DO to be able to HAVE and you can only DO what your subconscious identity thinks you are.

I do not make cold calls. If this is of interest to you call me and we will schedule a transformational coaching session to see if we are a fit.




The Core Six.

My business markets to mature people of age, although age is not a problem.

The core Six components are who what and how with connect consider and commit.

 My process is about how you can develop superior positioning in our industry, get more dream clients entering our ecosystem every month, nurture and educate them with "The Journey of Becoming" and generate more predictable sales in the business.  

This is marketing to people, no matter what your entry level.

It's about making a  commitment to basic marketing.

It's about connecting immediately with people who are looking to make money online. It's about using other people's audience.

Its leveraging other people contacts with our offer. 

The concept is simple.

Invest in marketing.

Invest in the right type of marketing to start with. It's about having momentum from day one. The second stage is about adding company supplied adds to the mix.

The third stage is utilising a lead builder program that promotes our offer to thousands of email users.

We don't need a sales funnel, a website, or build a website. It's in place.

This is a very affordable and effective campaign, and you will be in action in the first week.

Ready to make it REAL? 

When you Work with a Coach, you are in action from Day One.

We provide a broad range of foundation learning.

You will be engaged in a range of reading and online programs that I provide to be able to understand that the thinking that has gotten you to where you are, will not get you to where you want to be.

This is all happening as you are also developing skills in communication and marketing. You will be chatting with real people.

Our co-operative marketing program will grow each time a person joins the program. It is affordable for everyone.

     It creates the Tipping Point for your momentum.

For those who take up this offer to be in business NOW

There is our bonus 5-week course that will teach you the HOW of building an unstoppable mindset.

It is the perfect lead into our M1 program that you will be able to offer clients.

Personal growth is not just about Money. Money is the reward for the value we provide. You also need to have prosperity consciousness.

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